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"Are You Happy To See Me?" Charm - 18k
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"Are You Happy To See Me?" Charm - 18k

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The crude outline of a penis, has long held deep symbolic meaning. So much so that archaeologists discovered that ancient Roman workers had etched an oversized penis into a stone at a quarry near Hadrian's Wall when they were stationed there in 207 A.D.

In the Roman era, the symbol was common and "more a general symbol of good luck".  Phallus images adorned countless doorways and walls across the Empire and were widely linked to power and good fortune.

Phallic charms were very common, taking the forms of anything from jewelry to lamps to wind chimes.  If the phallic image had wings, then it was usually symbolic of a Roman god named Fascinus.  Not much is known about the god himself, because Christians later wiped out many parts of the pagan Roman religion that they found to be too sexual.  We do know that he was a protector from sorcery, witchcraft, jealousy and envy.    

Children and adults wore amulets shaped like flying penises, called fascinum, to protect against sickness.  Pliny the Elder wrote that such amulets were for those going into battle. "Infants are under the especial guardianship of the god Fascinus, the protector, not of infants only, but of generals as well", he wrote. "It is the image of this divinity that is attached beneath the triumphant car of the victorious general, protecting him, like some attendant physician against the effects of envy." When a successful general returned home from battle, the Vestal Virgins would hang a winged phallic charm underneath his chariot to protect him from the envy of others.

Fertility, sexuality, love, good luck, power, desire... this charm features a 1.03ct natural rose cut diamond claw set into an 18k yellow gold tablet. Whatever meaning it holds for you, I hope you feel sexy and powerful wearing it.

This charm measures 10mm wide x 14.2mm tall (not including the hanging bail), with an overall drop of 19.6mm and weighs 3g. You will receive the pictured charm.

* Listing is for charm only.  Vintage chain pictured sold separately.

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