I currently live in Toronto, where I continue my lifelong obsession with collecting rocks – in my pockets, all over the house, under my pillows and in the washing machine. When I'm not playing with fire, I'm designing movie sets or traveling. Silversmithing is a way for me to continue my need to create and combines that passion with my rockhounding addiction. While I love my film life, there's something to be said about creating with my own two hands without a team of people - where every failure and victory is my own.

Each handmade Black Umbrella Jewelry piece is inspired by either a stone, a memory or an image I’ve come across on my travels and is created by me in my home workshop.

I've also always been a lover of old - I love knowing that a piece was loved and treasured before it came into my hands... what stories they must hold, each one with their own soul.  My love of history combined with jewelry lead me to add carefully curated antique jewelry and vintage jewelry to my offerings. Every antique piece has been chosen because I love it. And, I hope you find something you love here, too.