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Antique Bourbon Era Earrings - 12-14k

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These beautiful and easy to wear Bourbon Era earrings hail from Naples from around about the early to mid-1800s.  A classic hoop is emboldened with pretty detailing for that perfectly effortless Italian-girl look. 

These earrings have a combined weight of 2.5g and measure approximately 28mm wide by 31mm tall (not including the wig hook). Crafted in 12-14k gold, they close securely and are hallmarked with the head of Parthenope, a marking for Naples. You will receive the pictured earrings.

 "According to Greek legend, Parthenope was the daughter of the god Achelous and the Muse Terpsichore.  She cast herself into the sea and drowned when her songs failed to entice Odysseus. Her body washed ashore at Naples on the island of Megaride, where the Castel dell'Ovo is now located. When people from the city of Cumae settled there, they named their city Parthenope in her honour.

A Roman myth tells a different version of the tale, in which a centaur named Vesuvius was enamored with Parthenope. Angered, Jupiter turned the centaur into a stratovolcano and Parthenope into the city of Naples. Thwarted in his desire, Vesuvius' rage is manifested in the volcano's frequent violent eruptions." - from Wikipedia (see footnotes on their page for further reading)

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