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medieval ring
medieval garnet ring
Medieval Garnet Ring - Size 6
Canada vintage jewelry
Canada vintage jewelry
antique garnet ring
Medieval Garnet Ring - Size 6

Medieval Garnet Ring - Size 6

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This is a rare high karat gold medieval garnet ring, dating from the 13th to 14th century.
The glowing garnet is set in a simple pie-crust bezel, which has been rubbed over the stone.

This type of ring was fashionable from the 12th century, with a garnet typical of English tastes at the time, as garnet was more obtainable than a higher priced ruby. A great example of a more affordable medieval ring, worn by lower nobility such as Knights, Ladies and the merchant class of northern Europe.

A bit of curious lore from the time quoted from George Frederick Kunz's "Rings For The Finger":  "If the owner of a garnet ring who was not an expert in precious stones wished to assure himself of the genuineness of his garnet, the following rather troublesome experiment was at his disposal.  He was to disrobe, still wearing his ring, and then to have his body smeared with honey.  This done, he was to lie down where flies or wasps were about.  If in spite of the sweet temptation they failed to light on his body, this was a proof that the garnet was genuine, an added proof being that when he took off the garnet ring the insects would hasten to make up for lost time and suck up the honey."

This ring was crafted in high karat gold, around 22k.  It weighs approximately 0.9g and is a size 6.  The bezel face measures 5.4mm tall by 4.6mm wide. Resizing not recommended for a ring of this age.


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