Lucky 13 charm
Horseshoe nail charm
Rare Antique French Lucky 13 Pendant
Rare Antique French Lucky 13 Pendant
Rare Antique French Lucky 13 Pendant
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Rare Antique French Lucky 13 Pendant

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A french charm from 1900-20 with a horseshoe nail encircling the number 13 - twice the luck in one amulet.

While many know about the lore and luck of horseshoes, the nails are as protective as the horseshoes they affix.  Pliny the Elder advised hammering three iron nails, not horseshoes, into a doorway's threshold lintel to protect the home from evil spirits.

With a complex history, thirteen as an unlucky number is a very prevalent notion in the modern western world. However, in much of the world it is seen as lucky. In Christianity, Jesus had twelve apostles making which, including himself, made 13. It is a prime number and, since it cannot be divided into threes, is viewed as a stable number.

This charm weighs 1.2g and measures 18mm in diameter (without the bail). There is a punch but, it is illegible. Tests as 18k. The bail is newer. 


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