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Winged Death's Head Medallion
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Winged Death's Head Medallion

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The death's head is the earliest and most frequently occurring motif in colonial era American headstones. A death's head, often with wings or crossed bones, or both, was a stylized skull. Some have speculated that winged skulls were intended to symbolize a combination of physical death and spiritual regeneration. Most Puritans did not advocate using religious symbols, such as cherubs, Christ figures, or crosses in their meetinghouses, on church silver, or on their gravestones. They were adamantly against attributing human form to spiritual beings such as God, angels, or spirits.

Though modern-day people might find the image frightening, the image of a skull back then was less about inspiring dread in the viewer, and more about acknowledging a normal, everyday fact of human life. In their belief system, death was when the flesh passed away to make way for renewal in the afterlife. 

The Winged Death's Head necklace has been crafted in brushed sterling silver and features a hand stamped death's head on a 1 3/16" medallion that hangs on a 20" Italian sterling silver chain with links that allow for the length to be adjustable. The medallion has been stamped with my maker's mark and sterling silver mark on the reverse, leaving room for any personalization you might like to have engraved. The entire piece weighs 11.2g. You will receive the pictured necklace.

* Shown hanging at 16" for scale.

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