Vintage scarab pendant
Agate scarab
Large scarab pendant
large agate scarab
Vintage Egyptian Revival Scarab Beetle Pendant
large vintage agate scarab
Vintage Egyptian Revival Scarab Beetle Pendant
Vintage Egyptian Revival Scarab Beetle Pendant
Vintage Egyptian Revival Scarab Beetle Pendant
Agate scarab pendant

Vintage Egyptian Revival Scarab Beetle Pendant

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In ancient Egypt, the god Ra rolls the sun across the sky each day, transforming bodies and souls. Scarab beetles roll into a ball. Because of this symbolically similar action, the scarab was seen as a reflection of the heavenly cycle, and as a representation of rebirth and regeneration.

This absolutely fantastic c.1950s scarab beetle pendant is perfect for a lover of Egyptology.  It is large and substantial and hand carved from agate. A gold-filled bezel encases the scarab, and the reverse side of the stone is engraved with symbols resembling ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics or Phoenician.  It was suggested to me that they might also be meant to reference charakteres or voces magicae which would have been illegible symbols and a mix of ancient languages.

Both the pendant and the bail are stamped 1/20 12K for gold fill, the pendant on an oval on the reverse, along with "Admark".

Admira Jewelry Corporation was created by a designer-jeweler Albert Adler in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1945, he renamed the company Admark Co Inc. and the company actively worked through the 1960s. The company relaunched in the 1980s for a while before closing permanently.

The scarab itself measures 1 7/8" long pendant by 1 7/16" wide and is about 1" thick. With the loop and bail, the whole piece hangs approximately 2 1/2" and weighs 42g. It is in wonderful, seemingly unworn condition.  You will receive the pictured pendant.


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