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Eos Agate Tassel Earrings

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In Greek mythology, Eos was the Titan goddess of the dawn, daughter of Hyperion and Theia and sister to Helios, god of the sun and Selene, goddess of the moon. Eos is described by the poets as a beautiful maiden with rosy fingers, and large wings of an ever-changing hue. She bears a star on her forehead, and a torch in her hand and is wrapped in the rich folds of a violet-tinged mantle. Every morning before dawn, she yokes her two horses, Lampetus and Phaethon, to her glorious chariot and then hastens  to open the gates of heaven, in order to herald the approach of her brother, the god of day, while the tender plants and flowers, revived by the morning dew, lift their heads to welcome her as she passes. The agates I used in these earrings embody the colors in this poetic description and the tassels represent the early rays of dawn.
The Eos Tassel Earrings are 2” long (not including the hanging wire) by by 7/16” wide at the widest part and are have been oxidized and polished. Agate cabochons sit in a sterling and fine bezel setting with an open back so that light shines through and hand-hammered tassels dance as you move. You will receive the pictured earrings.

All my pieces are handmade by me in my home studio in Toronto, ON. Please check out my shop policies before purchasing and/or should you have any questions.

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