18k gobbo
Vintage "Gobbo" Good Luck Charm - 18k
Vintage "Gobbo" Good Luck Charm - 18k
Vintage "Gobbo" Good Luck Charm - 18k
18k good luck charm
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Vintage "Gobbo" Good Luck Charm - 18k

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Gobbo means “hunchback” in Italian. (The Italian title of Victor Hugo’s classic is "Il Gobbo di Notre Dame".) Gobbo is also the name given to an ancient Italian spirit of abundance, fertility, and the life-force.

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, a person with spinal curvature was considered a good omen and gamblers believed that touching their back would bring luck. As a charm, it is still believed by some that, if you rub his hump, he’ll bring you luck and good fortune, as well as undo the Evil Eye curse (malocchio), banish malevolent forces, and provide fertility. 

This finely detailed gobbo pendant is c.1920s and is giving the "corne" sign with his hand, an additional symbol of good luck.  So many good vibes in just one charm!

This pendant is crafted in 18k yellow gold (not hallmarked but tested).  It is hollow, weighs 1.3g and measures about 24.5 mm tall, not including the ring for the bail.  You will receive the pictured pendant.

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