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Goddess of Rainbows Opal Ear Jackets

Goddess of Rainbows Opal Ear Jackets

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The Bedouins of the Sahara believed opals fell from the sky in flashes of lightning, imbued forever with their fire from the fall.  The Arabs, aware of these "thunderstones", were convinced that anyone who had the good fortune as to come into possession of one of these jewels would be protected from all bodily harm.

These Goddess of Rainbows opal ear jackets look so dreamy on. The central ear piece can be worn alone, with the bottom piece, or through another of your favorite pair.  

Featuring Welo or, Ethiopian opals, nestled in a fine and sterling silver setting.  Ear posts are sterling silver.  Each weighs about 3.6g and measure approximately 7/8" tall and just under 1" at their widest point.

All my pieces are handmade by me in my home studio in Toronto, ON. Please check out my shop policies before purchasing and/or should you have any questions.

You can view my newest pieces on Instagram at @black.umbrella.jewelry