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Garden Witch Amethyst Crystal Generator
amethyt necklace

Garden Witch Amethyst Crystal Generator

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In crystal healing, amethyst is used to help heal personal loss or grief. It is also a psychic protector that increases spirituality and enhances intuition. A perfect stone for a traveler.

Phantom crystals are formed when the growth of a crystal has been interrupted and then begins to grow again. Phantoms are excellent awareness tools on all levels. They can give a sense of magic and help us increase awareness of evolution, in ourselves and in the world around us, showing how growth, rest, and rebirth cycle through all existence. Phantoms are excellent for past life work and meditation. In spiritual crystal healing, phantom crystals are said to be excellent for initiating healing, bringing great energy to the healing process, and are said to be especially helpful for hearing disorders and emotional healing.

The Garden Witch's crystal generator features a phantom amethyst crystal point set in sterling and fine silver hanging from an 18" Italian sterling silver chain from a hand decorated bail and with my maker's mark tag at the clasp. The pendant is 15/16" tall from tip of crystal to top of sterling silver cap. It has been oxidized and polished to accentuate the details. You will receive the pictured necklace.

All my pieces are handmade by me in my home studio in Toronto, ON. Please check out my shop policies before purchasing and/or should you have any questions.

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