Art Deco charm
Art Deco Black Cat Lucky Charm - 9k
Art Deco Black Cat Lucky Charm - 9k
Art Deco Black Cat Lucky Charm - 9k
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Art Deco Black Cat Lucky Charm - 9k

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A rare Art Deco charm crafted in 9k yellow gold and enamel depicts a black cat and a horseshoe for a double dose of luck.  

While some people associate black cats with bad luck, they are actually seen as good luck in many parts of the world.  

English superstition says that giving a bride a black cat on her wedding day will bring her good luck in her marriage. It’s also thought that newlyweds with a black cat in their home will have a long, happy life together, and the black cat will ward off evil spirits. In Japanese culture, a black Lucky Cat not only brings luck but also frightens away demons, evil energy, and stalkers. In Norse mythology the goddess of love, fertility and beauty, Freya, rides on a chariot pulled by two black cats. To win favor with Freya, farmers would leave bowls of milk for her companions in their fields. Freya would then bless them with a good harvest. French peasants long believed that if a black cat was released at a crossroads where five roads intersect, the black cat would lead them to treasure.

This charm measures 12mm tall (without the bail) x 8.3mm wide and weighs 0.7g - a nice size that can be hung on a chain as a pendant or as a charm from a bracelet. Marked "9ct" on reverse. Wear commensurate with age. You will receive the pictured charm.

* Watch chain sold separately.

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