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17th/18th Century Posy Ring - Size 7.25
17th/18th Century Posy Ring - Size 7.25
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17th/18th Century Posy Ring - Size 7.25

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Posy rings (also spelled posie, posey or poesy) derived their name from the French word “poésie,” or poem, because of the short sayings which were engraved on their inner surface. In England and France, these rings were popular from the latter half of the Middle Ages, the 15th to 17th century. In medieval times, with religion popular in everyday life, it was common for religious text to appear on the rings alongside romantic expressions or even expressions of friendship, thereby functioning as both a religious talisman and a gift of love. The language used in many early posy rings was Norman French, with French, Latin and English used in later times. The quotations were often from contemporary courtship stories. Posies were also given to show regard or as a gift.

This particular posy is crafted in high karat gold, with the inscription "Thy Hart's Delite" on the inner band. It bears a tiny maker's mark of a fleur-de-lys.  This was a common mark among Huguenot goldsmiths and, since this ring was found near the Channel Islands, it is very possible that of a Huguenot maker.  Dating from middle of the 17th century to mid 18th.

Weighs 1.7g. Band tapers from 4.4mm at its widest to 3.7mm.

Ring size 7.25

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